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Read This Before Buying Your Next Candle!10 Reasons to Choose Soy Candles

Who doesn’t want a nice fragrance in their home? It can be a nice, tranquil Lavender scent; a warm baked goods scent that takes you on a nostalgia trip to an easier time in your life; or maybe just a clean citrus or linen scent, we all have aromas that speak to us. Psychologists tell us that scent is the sense that has the strongest connection to our memories and more and more, people are using scents to invoke certain mood benefits in their home, at spas, and in the workplace.

When you take all of those benefits, and add a warm, flickering flame to them, it’s no wonder why scented candles are a popular choice to add atmosphere and ambiance to our homes; but, that flame, while one of the unique benefits of using a scented candle, is also the source of concern for many people. Flames burn, it’s what they do, and they don’t really discriminate as to what they are burning. A well-made candle poses little risk if they are burned properly, but that risk is not zero. Add to that, the soot emissions that we sometimes see emanating from the candle, and people have good reason to be concerned. We also know that traditional, paraffin candles are made from petroleum, a non-renewable oil-based resource, so many of us have environmental concerns as well.

The bad news: these concerns are not unfounded; in fact, they are quite justified. The good news: There is a way to enjoy your favorite scented candles in a way that eliminates most of these negative effects, and minimizes the risks to your home, safety, and health; and that way is to choose candles made from soy wax.

As we will discuss in this article, there are many benefits to choosing soy candles over their outdated predecessors made from paraffin wax and even over beeswax. So, with that, I’ll stop jabbering and get to it! Here are 10 reasons to choose candles made from soy wax:

1. They burn more cleanly

Soy candles burn more cleanly than candles made from paraffin wax; as much as 50% less, as a matter of fact. This means less health concerns for you and your family because they are emitting less carcinogens into your home (paraffin candles have been known to contain small amounts of benzene…yes, benzene). Also, of course, this means not having to clean as much of that nasty soot off of your walls and cabinets that can accumulate from burning a bunch of paraffin candles.

2. They burn cooler

Let me preface this one by saying: low risk is not the same as no risk! NEVER leave a burning candle (or any open flame) unattended, ALWAYS extinguish the candle before putting the lid back on, and ALWAYS burn your candle in an area where nothing is immediately above it! With that being said, soy candles are less risky to burn than paraffin-based candles, due to the fact that they burn at a lower temperature. This also means that, in case of an accident, the wax won’t be as hot as it would with a paraffin-based candle, or a candle made from beeswax.

3. They burn longer

Due to their cooler burn temperatures, soy candles tend to last longer than their paraffin counterparts. In fact, they can burn up to 30 – 50% longer! This means that a well-made 9 oz candle, made from soy wax can last 40 hours or longer!

4. They are more Eco-Friendly

Soy candles are made from renewable resources (soybeans), as opposed to paraffin candles, which are made from petroleum. They are also biodegradable! Buying soy candles also supports local soybean farms!

5. They look better

If you like choosing a candle that goes well with your favorite home décor, you aren’t alone. It has become a trend in recent years, among candle-buyers (especially younger ones), to buy candles that work well as part of a décor ensemble, as opposed to a stand-alone object. If that sounds familiar to you, then you probably already know that soy candles win handily in this category. Soy wax has a natural off-white color, whereas paraffin is mostly clear. Whether they are artificially colored by the manufacturer or they are left at their natural color, this particular quality gives soy candles a nice, creamy appearance and a smooth top; whereas paraffin candles are often described as looking “artificial.”

6. Warm scent throw

Have you ever found a scented candle to be overbearing? Like, the guy who wears too much cologne to work overbearing? That was probably a paraffin-based candle. The advantage to a paraffin-based candle is that they have a stronger scent throw, but many people, especially younger candle enthusiasts, feel that it is actually too strong, to the point of being overbearing. Soy wax, on the other hand, also has good scent throw, but it’s much “warmer,” if that makes sense. Due to the lower burn temperature of soy wax, the scent is able to be released much easier than with paraffin candles, which makes the scent prominent, but not overbearing. The scent from a soy candle slowly envelops you, rather than trying to ram it’s way up your nostrils.

7. They create a more mellow ambiance

As we have touched on a couple of times now, soy candles burn cooler than paraffin-based candles or beeswax candles; therefore, they also don’t burn as bright. This may be a turn-off for some people, but what I have experienced is: most people seem to prefer the more mellow glow of a soy candle. If you’re looking for a more relaxed, inviting, and mellow ambiance, go with soy!

8. They are suitable for almost everyone!

The many benefits of soy candles make them suitable for nearly anyone to enjoy, even people who can’t or don’t want to burn other types of candles. For example: • Pregnant women who may be concerned about the potentially hazardous emissions of paraffin-based candles • Vegans who don’t support the practices of manufacturers of paraffin-based or beeswax-based candles • Candle lovers, because of their superior burn quality, mellow ambiance, and warm scent throw • Casual candle-burners, because of their appearance, value for the money, and scent throw that is not overbearing

9. The market is beginning to favor them

Due to the health, safety, and environmental concerns, more and more people are turning away from paraffin-based candles, yet find beeswax candles to be too expensive. This has led to a higher demand for soy candles over the past few years; and in response, more small manufacturers have stepped up to meet that demand, resulting in a large variety of products for us to choose from! Almost anything scent you can think of, there is someone who can make a candle of it, and they are probably using soy wax!

10. Better value for the money

Yes, it’s true, soy candles are usually a bit more expensive than paraffin-based candles, but not as expensive as candles made from beeswax; however, due to the 30 – 50% longer burn time that they have over paraffin-based candles, soy candles offer the most bang for your buck! Paraffin candles may have the lowest cost, and beeswax candles certainly have the highest cost, but soy candles easily have the best cost value!

I hope you have enjoyed this article, and have found it informative! Thank you very much for reading!

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